Inaugural meeting of the Alexander Hamilton Virtual Book Club is pleased to announce the creation of the Alexander Hamilton Virtual Book Club.

The inaugural meeting will be on September 13 at 6:00 pm. The virtual book club is a partnership between, The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, the NSU Lifelong Learning Institute, the Biscayne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Friends of the Stirling Road Library.

We are particularly excited that nationally known authors and Hamilton experts will be participating during book club meetings.

Copied below is the flyer for the September 13 virtual meeting with Richard Brookhiser.

The 2020 schedule is as follows: September (Richard Brookhiser), October (Steven Knott), November (Michael Newton) and December (possibly Yale Professor Joanne Freeman).

While the first three authors will zoom in for part of the virtual meeting, we are equally excited about the prospect of an interactive discussion where participants will be able to ask questions and share their insights from home. It will be interesting to see if we can preserve the intimacy of a neighborhood book club meeting with the scale of a national audience.

Astute readers will notice the logic behind the sequence of books that will be discussed. Brookhiser’s 200 page biography is a concise summary of Hamilton’s life and the major themes that animated his life’s work. Interestingly, Brookhiser reawakened interest in Hamilton prior to the arrival of Chernow’s biography in 2004, which inspired Lin-Manuel to write the musical.

In October Professor Knott takes on myths and the false narratives around Alexander Hamilton. Author and researcher Michael Newton dug deep into archival records in Nevis and Europe. In November he explores gaps in Hamilton’s early years with exciting new and continuing research.

Rounding out the year, Professor Joanne Freeman’s book, Affairs of Honor, explores the political culture and code of honor that resulted in Hamilton’s tragic death in 1804. 

For more information check out the book club’s website:

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